Thursday, August 18, 2016

I've moved! Come see me at Chakra Talk

Hey!  You guys.  I've  moved.
I'm over at 
All about the Chakras.
come see me
We'll talk about the chakras, the moon, yoga, love....come!
I even wrote a free e-book on the chakras, you can find it on the new site.
Much love,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

random acts of kindness

I got stuck in a snow bank on my way home from work tonight.  It was the perfect ending to one of those days when I really start wonder if I am, in fact on the right path.  Should I be doing something different?  Something more lucrative?  Something more stable?
Every now and again I experience a day of doubt.  I wonder if I'm actually making a difference, if I'm really connecting with people in a real way.  These doubts never last long and are often overcome by random acts of kindness.  I'll witness a young man open the door for someone, an old woman let someone in line ahead of them at the grocery store.  Little things to remind me that we are all ONE.  And that there is a lot of good in everyone.
Today, that random little act happened to me.  Stuck in the snow, I threw on my 4-ways and decided to just wait until Mike came home to help me out.  (Yoga has taught me: be patient, and breathe).  Cars drove by and many stopped to see if I was okay.  A couple walked by and stopped for a little chat making sure I was alright and had a plan.  A woman, not much bigger than myself actually tried to push me out on her own.  Amazing.  And then a young man hopped out of his car to try.  One person was not enough.  He came to my window and said "Sit tight, I'm going for re-enforcements".  He recruited two other guys and together they heaved me out of that snow bank and then just all went on with their day.  I hollered my thanks with my faith restored.
This had nothing to do with yoga, or with my work, but damn did it make me feel connected and grateful and somehow assure me that I am, in fact on the right path.
Dear random strangers performing random acts of kindness

Sunday, February 2, 2014

90's yoga mix-tape

I've been nostalgic for the 90's lately.  Ever since I went to a party back in the fall with a 90's theme and danced my ass off to some bad ass 90's tunes.

So I put together a gooey - mostly ladies - 90's mixtape.  Brings me back to sitting on my single bed in my teenage room doodling boys names all over...well, everything.  Enjoy :)

Mary Jane ~ Alanis Morissette
Good Mother ~ Jann Arden
You Learn ~ Alanis Morissette
Ode to my Family ~ The Cranberries
No Woman, No Cry ~ Fugees
Can't Take my Eyes off of You ~ Lauryn Hill (radio edit)
Could I Be You Girl ~ Jann Arden
Linger ~ The Cranberries
Silence ~ Sarah McLachlan
Insensitive ~ Jann Arden
Hand in my Pocket ~ Alanis Morissette
Zombie ~ The Cranberries

Bonus: Erykah Badu ~ Baduzium.  Played right on through.

Peace, love and music :)